Deron Williams sprains ankle in pre-training camp workout, expected to be back soon

Uh oh, another ankle injury for D-Will? Don't worry, this one doesn't appear to be serious at all

The last thing the Brooklyn Nets need at this point in their offseason is a debilitating injury to one of their key players just a month and a half before the season starts. Well, it looks like they might have dodged a bullet.

News broke yesterday that Nets' starting point guard Deron Williams was in a walking boot, due to a sprained ankle suffered during a pre-training camp workout in Utah. The same team spokesman that relayed the information about Deron's little setback also revealed that the injury isn't very serious, and that Brooklyn's star should be ready for Nets' training camp on the grounds of Duke University, in Durham, NC, that is set to start on October 1st.

Although the sprain itself doesn't appear to be something to worry about, the fact that Deron had trouble with ankle pain last season may raise a few eyebrows. Williams played 78 of the 82 regular season games in the 2012-13 campaign, but had repeated treatments done to both his ankles in the hopes of reducing some inflammation that caused his some pain heading into the All-Star break. However, it doesn't look like the new injury is severe enough to debilitate D-Will's to a point that would cause him to miss significant time.

We'll probably see an unrestricted Deron start off training camp at nearly 100%, along with the rest of his teammates, but unless we don't see him do that, there is no cause for concern. Just another possible (future) bad break for a team that is always filled with them.

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