Playoffs Game #2, Series #1 Preview: Chicago Bulls (0-1) at Brooklyn Nets (1-0)

Joakim Noah, against most reports stating the opposite, played on Saturday night for the Bulls, but was ineffective as he dealt with a bum foot. A big question for Game 2 of this series is how the injured Noah will play

When: 8:00 PM; Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Where: Barclays Center; Brooklyn, NY


Odds are that, tonight, the Nets won't shoot nearly 56 percent from the field, like they did in their win in Game 1 over the Bulls on Saturday night at Barclays Center. Tom Thibodeau's defense is probably too good to allow repeat performances like that on the NBA's biggest stage, the playoffs. Yes, that means Brooklyn's job this evening is going to be significantly harder if they want to head to Chicago with a controlling 2-0 lead in this series. After a probable Thibs-led chewing out after Game 1, it would be shocking if the Bulls came out with the same lack of intensity and effort on defense that they normally exhibit season-long.

Good thing is that Joakim Noah, who stunned nearly the entire arena by playing last game, will be significantly limited in terms of play because of a possible re-injury of his foot suffered on Saturday, a supplication that is evidenced by Noah's clear hobbling around the court in the 2nd half. Although he didn't make much of a difference, his demanding presence in the paint certainly altered P.J. Carlesimo's gameplans. If he isn't able to go very far, and Nazr Mohammed is forced to take over his minutes, the Nets will get a massive break.

Probable Lineups

CHI- Hinrich (PG), Butler (SG), Deng (SF), Boozer (PF), Mohammed (C)

BKN- Williams (PG), Johnson (SG), Wallace (SF), Evans (PF), Lopez (C)

Final Thoughts

Not much of a difference for tonight's meeting than Saturday's, but it's highly unlikely that the Bulls shoot and play defense as poorly in Game 2 as they did in Game 1. Just means that the Nets are going to have to keep their foot on the gas pedal a little harder and with more force, not something close to being out of the realm of possibility.

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